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Bravura Smartphone (WiFi, Windows Mobile, TouchScreen, GPS)

Pure performance and style merge together to bring you the Bravura smartphone. This feature-packed smartphone has just been upgraded to the highly acclaimed Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional operating system and incorporates all of the most sought-after features every power user needs.
For starters, the Bravura smartphone comes with a powerful IEEE802.11b/g Wi-Fi internet adapter

Price: 192.59 $

Tripoli WIFI Quadband Dual-SIM Cell Phone (Keyboard)

A top of the line cellphone for those who demand the very best – The unlocked Tripoli smartphone has it all! WIFI, quad-band GSM, dual-SIM, camcorder + multimedia mastery, PDA, and so much more.
A smartphone in every sense of the word! The design philosophy behind The Tripoli is Innovation Intelligence.

Price: 138.69 $

Mighty 3 Inch Touchscreen Cellphone with Projector

The Mighty is a multimedia cellphone with a 3 inch touchscreen and groundbreaking cool LED projector attachment. This Cell Phone is unlocked to work on any GSM network, has powerful digital media playback (movies, music, photos, ebook, games), and includes a projector attachment so you can share the fun with friends and colleagues.

Price: 176.69 $

Revolution – Windows Mobile Smartphone (3.2 Inch Touchscreen)

The Revolution – Do more with your phone. This powerful Windows Mobile Smartphone is powerful enough for the professional, feature-packed enough for the average user, and comes with everything you need to get through the day. For the cell phone power user who needs to maximize their communication experience, The Revolution is the answer!

Price: 259.69 $

Cloud 9 Quadband 3 Inch Touchscreen Dual SIM WiFi Mobile – Black

You’ve experience the pure raw performance and seen the stunning aesthetics of the Cloud 9 worldphone. Presenting the Cloud 9 Black edition that also comes with every function a cellphone ought to have and every mobile phone owner needs these days. From, WiFi, Bluetooth, TV to eBuddy, Opera mini and much more.

Price: 117.79 $

LevelUP – Quad Band Dual SIM QWERTY Gaming Cellphone

Presenting the next level up in smart phone innovation – The LevelUP worldphone with quad band, dual SIM functionality, swivel QWERTY keyboard and Nintendo D-pad, and you guessed it – download and play all your favorite NES games! Everything you ever wanted from a phone – and more!
LevelUP your communications

Price: 124.39 $

Allure – Mini Cell Phone (Quadband, Dual SIM, Touchscreen)

The Allure, an easy to carry Mini Cell Phone that is fun, fashionable, and useful. Everything you ever wanted from a mobile phone for only a fraction of the price and size you would expect, but with twice the style! This highly desirable Mini Cell Phone comes with a highly response 2.5 inch flat touchscreen

Price: 79.97 $

Evolution – Windows Mobile Smartphone (3.2 Inch Touchscreen)

The Evolution – Windows Mobile Smartphone. For the computer user that wants his phone to work like his laptop. With a highly responsive 3.2 inch touchscreen and ultra-powerful hardware, this excellent mobile device is designed to provide you with the versatility in using this quadband cell phone for any desired windows mobile application

Price: 279.99 $

Mega Phone – Quadband, 2 SIM, WiFi, 3.2 Touchscreen + Projector

The Mega Phone, an all-in-one powerhouse with more features than a stealth fighter jet!
Mega What?
What exactly is a Mega Phone you ask? Allow us to explain. The Mega Phone is a Quadband, dual SIM, dual Micro SD, Wifi, MP3/MP4, 3.2 inch touchscreen, mobile phone. It comes fully unlocked and can be used anywhere

Price: 204.99 $

Assassin – Quad Band Touchscreen Mobile Phone Watch + MP4

Introducing one of the most stylish and powerful watch phones on the market, the Assassin.
The Assassin watch phone comes with a built in camera, Bluetooth ear piece, 2GB mini SD card, video camera, FM radio and quad band GSM connectivity. When most watch phones would have ended their features list here,

Price: 143.87 $